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Andrea Reyero & Sebastian Missé

Andrea Reyero and Sebastián Missé are ambassadors of Argentine tango, acclaimed and recognized dancers, choreographers, masters and judges of international championships.

They express a lifetime of tango with passion, tradition and innovation, an elegant and precise style of dance, characterized by great virtuosity, without losing the essence of the true tango of the golden age, which places them among the few most talented couples in the tango world.

They are also acclaimed as true tango dancers by both the Milongueros (dancers of the tango era) and the general public.

They are primarily appreciated for the emotion they have expressed in their dance around the world since 1994.

From a very young age in the 80s Andrea began with folk dance and tango, which took her to dance throughout Argentina- the United States-Italy-Spain and Israel.

Sebastián comes from a famous family of renowned tango dancers with a great tradition dating back more than thirty-seven years.

Andrea and Sebastián are an important and solid reference among the new generations of dancers due to the historical background of tango that they have in their artistic career. They discovered the world of tango from a very young age in the most traditional milongas of Buenos Aires, where many of the best Maestros and dancers of the golden age of tango transmitted to them their precious and exclusive tango heritage.

In their artistic career they have participated in numerous prestigious events around the world such as festivals, shows in different theaters, television programs, movies and milongas with internationally renowned artists and tango culture famous artists such as: Alberto Castillo, Roberto “El Polaco” Goyeneche, Jorge Valdez, Osvaldo Rivó, Alberto Podesta, Virginia Luque, Tania, Alberto Morán, Maria Garay, Néstor Fabián, Horacio Ferrer, Guillermo Fernández, Raúl Lavié, Hugo Marcel and Julio Iglesias and also Orchestras such as: Osvaldo Pugliese, Julian Plaza, Oscar Bassils Quintet Pirincho, Color Tango Orchestra, José Colangelo Sextet, violinist Maxime Vengerov, Silencio orchestra, Canyengue Sextet and Hyperion Ensemble.

Finally, Andrea and Sebastián have had the most prestigious tango academy in Paris for more than 20 years.

Camila Alegre & Ezequiel Lopez

Camila and Ezequiel met in 2012 at the Tango World Cup of that year in which they participated with their former partners and two years later began their journey together. Both Camila and Ezequiel have had the opportunity to train from very young with great masters of Tango and Argentine folk dances, as well as have studied in schools and institutes of important dances in Argentina.

Camila was trained in the Municipal Ballet of San Fernando directed by the former dancer teacher of the National Ballet of Argentine Folk Dances directed by Santiago Ayala, Antonio Martínez. Then she made the career of classical dance, contemporary and other styles at the Julio Boca Institute in the municipality of Vicente López. She trained in Tango in the studio of Mora Godoy where she received a scholarship and was lucky enough to take classes with great teachers and dancers of the genre such as Junior Cervila and Mora Godoy, Nicolás Cobos and Paola jean jean, Julia Urruty, among others. She also had the possibility of taking classes and training outside of the studio with other teachers such as Gabriel Ortega and Sandra Bootz, Daniel Juárez and Alejandra Armenti, Rubén and Sabrina Veliz, Héctor Falcón, with whom she also had the privilege of working and being part of their companies. and projects.

Ezequiel started his steps in the Municipal Ballet of the City of Arrecifes Province of Buenos Aires led by his father Carlos López who was a member of the popular and national Ballet of Argentinean folk dances led by the great Maestro Santiago Ayala. At the age of 15 years, he went to Buenos Aires Capital Federal to continue his studies at the Aida Dance School .V. Mastrazzi where he trained for five years in classical and contemporary dance. He also had the privilege of taking tango, folklore and malambo classes with great masters and dancers such as Juan Corvalan, Héctor Falcón, Jesus Velázquez, Silvana Allievi, Viviana Laguzzi, Daniel Juárez and Alejandra Armenti, Rubén and Sabrina veliz, among others and some with which could be part of their projects and companies.

They worked stable in different tango shows in Buenos Aires such as Café de los Angelitos, La Ventana Tango Show, Tango Gala, Madero Tango, Esquina Carlos Gardel, El Querandí, Piazzola Tango Show, Café Tortoni, currently part of the stable cast of Tango Porteño. They were part of the Tangorama and tangodisea cast directed by Mora GodoyThey integrated the cast of Tangos Corazonicos in their cycle at the Borges Cultural Center directed by Sabrina and Ruben Veliz, also participating in the Chicago Tango Fest in the city of Chicago (E.E U.U) Performed seasons at the Borges Cultural Center with the Tangos Coorporation, also participating in the closing of the Tango World Championship at the Luna Park stadium, also making trips to Russia and Spain. They were part of the company Obsecion Tango directed by Tamara biseglia traveling to Mexico D.F and in its cycle at the cultural center Borges.

Ezequiel participated in the reality show "Que Viva the Chosen" made in Los Angeles (USA) whose direction and production belongs to Jamie King, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, being a finalist of the same, participated in the live show carried out in the Sand Mandalay Bay of Las Vegas (USA)

They were part of the Tango Leggends Company directed by Mariela Maldonado and Pablo Sosa, performing functions in Montreal, Toronto, Otawwa, Terrabone Canada. They participated in the Film a Tango Màs that premiered in 2015 at the Toronto Film Festival and had its premiere worldwide the following month, they worked together with the renowned dancers Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, in which the film is based. They participated in the Musical Tanguera directed by Diego Romay in Hamburg Germany obtaining leading roles. They participated as choreographic assistants of the show Stavaganza Tango in Buenos Aires street streams.

Currently they are part of the cast of Tango Fire, directed by German Cornejo participating in the last tour in January and February in England receiving very good personal criticism.

They are World Tango Champions of tango stage 2015, obtaining the first prize as a couple Winner of the competition with the best score of all the world already made.

They participated in the prestigious Mercé festival in Barcelona Spain in 2015 as special guests of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires, presenting shows throughout Barcelona. They participated in the tour to Japan in October 2015 with Tango Romance directed by Gabriel Ortega and Sandra Bootz. They made a tour of Champions to Japan in January, February and March of 2016, touring the entire Japanese territory with the Dramatic Tango show. In 2016 they continued to form part of and tour with the company "Tango Fire" to Australia and Geneva (Switzerland), at the end of 2016 They toured Switzerland forming part of the company "Break the Tango" Directed by Germán Cornejo. In 2017 they returned to London with "Tango Fire", a company with which they also toured Canda, the US and South Korea in that same year. Then part of "Break the Tango" made European Tour in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France. They also participated in the famous talent show America's Got Talent with the German Cornejo Dance Company. In 2018 they toured the United States with Tango Fire touring the states of Arizona, Texas, California, New York, among others, then with Break the Tango they toured Italy and Switzerland, touring the cities of Milan, Torino, Rome, Venice, Trieste, Bolognia, Genoa, Basel, etc. In that same year together with the company Tango After Dark directed by German Cornejo they make successful season in London. In the year 2019 they hold a new season together with Tango Fire in Luxembourg and London, where they once again receive excellent reviews. In 2020 they did together a promotional tour for Tango Fire season made more later whit the all Company around the UK and Monaco. Having been a total success. In 2021 they toured Russia integrating the company Tango After Dark in June to Moscow and in October of the same year to the city of BladivostockIn February 2022 they were part of the Tango Fire USA tourIn May 2022 Ezequiel was part of the tour of the Wild Tango company (only men's company) carried out in UK London as a choreographic assistant. In june 2022 they were part of the Jury in the Preliminary of the World Tango Festival made in Medellin ColombiaIn October 2022 they were part of the company Tango After Dark on their to London UK. In September 2022 they were in Charge of the tango coreography Malevo’s company in the closing world tango championship. In 2023 they toured Italy, Lithuania and Estonia performing in different shows and giving classes and seminars in very recognised schools and festivals such as Bergamo tango festival Milonga Buena onda milano ítaly etc. They were judges of the European championship in June 2023 , the host of the Argentine tango world championship.

In 2024 they are Currently dancers of the Royal Caribbean cruises company being the main artists of the tango show “Tango Buenos Aires” Touring the Caribbean for 5-month seasons.

Ayse Gencalp & Maximiliano Cristiani

Ayse is considered one of the few foreign women who has earned the respect of the most traditional and most hierarchical Argentine teachers, having experienced her own development in Buenos Aires, combining her participation in large tango companies such as , "Tangauchos", "Celebrity Infinity", "Crystal", "Memoirs of a Dancer", "Roberto Herrera Company," "Johanna Copes Company".

She was impregnated with the pure essence of tango in the last 20 years in Buenos Aires, an eclectic dancer who has managed to connect different dance styles. From the floor to the stage and from the stage to the floor, 'achieving a level of quality in her Movements that connect with precision, strength and softness. But her perseverance and effort led her to be in the finals of the world championships, managing to be among the "top 5". She is an actress, dancer and choreographer of "Angel" one of the most prestigious tango short films together with Maximiliano Cristiani, Salon 2013 World Tango Champion.

Maximiliano is considered one of the great teachers of today, known for his charisma, ability and system to teach, in the last 20 years he has managed to accompany hundreds of students in their professional development, whether in competitions or in their personal dance.

His methodology is focused on functionality and not on dance style. He knows, without a doubt, how to discover the greatest potential in each student to find a comfortable dance and discover his own style. He has deeply studied social dance, salon and milonguero style, as well as the tango ¨escenario¨ and has also extracted the wealth of new techniques to apply them to social dance.

His intense work does not end in teaching, he has currently made video productions such as ¨TIGRE VIEJO¨, ¨RECUERDO en LA VIRUTA¨, and the lactone short film ¨ANGEL¨, of tango that will be exhibited at the end of 2021.

Considered the tango dancer with the highest number of titles obtained in the championships.

Organizer of the official preliminaries MUNDIAL DE TANGO BA, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“World Tango Salon Champion 2013”

Creator, dancer and actor in “Angel”, a tango short film“World Tango Salon Champion 2013”

Champion Buenos Aires Tango Metropolitan 2012 Champion “Milonga”

Metropolitan Buenos Aires Sub World Champion “Tango Stage” (2nd)

Creator of the tango show “Tangostory”

Creator and dancer of the tango video clip “Tigre viejo”

Creator and dancer of the tango video clip “Recuerdo”

Together with Ayse, they are creating a new dance couple that is characterized by the beauty in its flow and in the connection and in the love of an embrace, they form a couple that transmits the energy of their embrace and their connection, transcending the skill of their movements. Watching them dance transports you beyond the dance.

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