The Team

The Team of the London Tango Week has 25 members that are all volunteers.
The group of Tanguer@s behind this project has no other aim than make a contribution to the growth of tango in Europe by offering wonderful venues for dancing with the best music, making it more accessible, inclusive and helping to develop new talents with the Championship. 

The London Tango Week

is an anual tango gathering that included 5 events:

The London Tango Marathon
The circuit of Local Milongas
A concert with a Tango Orchestra
Tango Classes with Maestros

And The UK Tango Championship

We organise the official UK Tango Championship since 2014. 

The London Tango Week is one of  the most exciting and important Tango events outside Argentina. 

Please use the following email if you need to contact us:

To send funds outside of the booking system please use the link here