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Tango BA: flying direct London to Buenos Aires

Tango BA: flying direct London to Buenos Aires

Who said that tango can only be enjoyed in a dim-lit room with wooden floor??

You can really dance tango everywhere. To celebrate the first direct BA flight from London to Buenos Aires tango went to Heathrow T5. There was a small orchestra playing the best tango tunes to take passengers and T5 passers-by along the beautiful notes of D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Pugliese and many other tango composers, which make couple dream while embracing and dancing.

The space was indeed special – Terminal 5 is not what you’d think as a relaxed space for dancing – but the airport security and British Airways support assured the event went on smoothly, the atmosphere was friendly and warm, even in that sensitive space. What a better way to relax before taking a flight!

Lots of couples turned up for dancing and the maestros – Pablo Rodriguez and Laura De Altube – performed gracefully and passionately a few tangos for the audience to enjoy.

And if you could not attend this event, but want to know if there is any tango dancing at your airport, there is even a facebook page that links up tango dancers that happen to be at the same airport – https://www.facebook.com/groups/348726108583892/

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